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Friday, March 30, 2012

Rahul Gandhi: Non-Congress parties bothered about their narrow interests only

Congress General Secretary RahulGandhi while campaigning aggressively in Uttar Pradesh could bring the issue of development and plight of aam aadmi to the main stream. During his public speeches at various places in the state he sought support for the Congress as the 22 years non-Congress misrule put a full stop on the process of development.

Rahul Gandhi said that previous governments of BSP, SP and BJP indulged in corruption and ignored the development of  Uttar Pradesh. The Congress leader also said that only Congress (I) has taken up the cause of people seriously while other parties have been busy to fill in their pockets. “In the past 20 years, what did you get? You trusted SP. What did you get back in return? You trusted BSP. What did you get? You got corruption”, said Rahul Gandhi.  “Now, Congress is talking about development and about the future of the people. UP can change. If Congress gets a chance, we can start changing this state in five years and in ten years, people from outside will come here looking for jobs,” assured the Congress leader. Congress (I) will live up to its promise and fulfill the aspirations of the people, Rahul Gandhi added.

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