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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Voice of Bundelkhand reaches Delhi but not Lucknow, Rahul Gandhi says in Hamirpur (UP)

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Hamirpur: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed a huge election rally at Uttar Pradesh’s Hamirpur area in which he slammed the successive non-Congress governments in the state for not working towards development. While striking a chord with the people of Hamirpur, in Bundelkhand region, Rahul Gandhi said that though the voice of Bundelkhand reach Delhi, it is not being heard at Lucknow. “Your demands are not big. In fact you need to demand more. You must demand more industries in Bundelkhand. You must think big and dream big. We need a government which works for development of Bundelkhand” he said. “The people of Bundelkhand are crying loud but no one listens to them. The voice of Bundelkhand reaches Delhi but it is not being heard in Lucknow” added Rahul Gandhi.

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