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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rahul Gandhi: India will be benefited from the framework and not with huge talks

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Congress Vice President Sh. Rahul Gandhi held a meeting with state ministers to discuss the formation of Lokayukt and the framework to combat the corruption in the Nation. “Let's stop talking, let's start working. We want to take the stipulations in the national level Lokpal to the state level Lokpal as well.” Rahul Gandhi added while conducting the press conference. “Government must reconsider I don't agree with this, they should reconsider”, Rahul Gandhi said on Maharashtra government rejecting Adarsh society scam report. Party Vice President said that he and the other ministers discussed corruption, Lokpal and price rise during the meeting with the chief ministers of the state. “I only see parties talking of corruption, but no systematic action.” Rahul Gandhi ended the press conference with this.

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