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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Rahul Gandhi at AICC meet says PM will be elected by the MPs - part 03

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi delivered an electrifying speech at the AICC Session being held at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi and also took a dig at the opposition by saying that they are expert in marketing. Je also categorically said that the Prime Minister will be elected by the Member of Parliament, according to the constitution. In an indirect attack on BJP, Rahul Gandhi said, "You have a opposition today and there is Congress. Both are different... They say whatever comes to their mind. They are good in marketing. They have songs, music and lot of other shining things for marketing. They are experts in such a way they sell combs to bald people". Further in an apparent dig at AAP, the Congress Vice President continued, "Now, we have some new entrants. If the one section in opposition sells combs to bald, the new party has started hair-cut on bald heads" and warned "Please do not fall in their traps and words".

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