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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Rahul Gandhi launches Congress campaign in Karnataka, attacks BJP

Rahul Gandhi at Belgaum, Karnataka: BJP just talks, only Congress brings in development

Belgaum: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday addressed a massive party rally in Karnataka’s Belgaum and slammed the BJP’s double speak on corruption.
In an indirect dig at BJP’s prime ministerial; candidate Narendra Modi, the Congress leader said, “Now we see a BJP leader has been roaming around the country and talks about corruption but the large scale corruption, that took place in Karnataka when they were in power, is not visible for him. They forget that their BJP Chief Minister was sent to jail for corruption. They do not see that 16 ministers had to resign. They do not see corruption in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. The people of Karnataka threw the BJP govt out of power, mainly because of the massive corruption under its rule. And now the former Chief Minister, who was in jail on corruption charges, is back in BJP. The BJP leaders, but, do not realise it. They see corruption only in the Congress-ruled states and ignore it in the BJP states”.
Rahul Gandhi also took another jibe at Modi for his recent call for an IT revolution. “Now some BJP leaders deliver big speeches while roaming across the country. They say that India can become a great IT hub. But who initiated this? It was the Congress which started work in this direction. It was the people, the youth who had helped Karnataka to become a prominent place in the IT sector. It took a long time to achieve this, about 60 years. But the BJP leaders, who were against computers, now want Karnataka to become IT Centre. They do not think who had initiated this. They forget that it was the Congress which had the vision for it. Rajiv Gandhi’s efforts made it possible” said the Congress Vice President.
Continuing his attack on BJP, Rahul Gandhi said, “They (BJP) want to form a government of the selected people, of the corporate, the elite and want to ignore India. This is the difference between Congress and the opposition” and added “We do not need an India where a handful of people become rich and our farmers, Dalits and weaker sections live in distress. We need such a country where every citizen has respect, every religion has respect, every ideology has respect, every woman and youth have respect”.
“The opposition makes one person fight with other. They ignore your strength. They want to grab power while people are fighting each other” said Rahul Gandhi and assured “We will, together work, for the development here. We will not let anyone to slip back. We want to instil confidence among the people so that they feel their role in nation building and in development”.
“In 2014, Congress is going to form a government at the Centre and we will continue with our pro-poor policies. We will continue our efforts for the upliftment of the youth and the women. We will get the Women Reservation Bill, which ensures 33% reservation for women, passed in the Parliament. We will empower you more so that we can have more women MPs and MLAs,” concluded Rahul Gandhi amidst loud applauds from the huge gathering.
Rahul Gandhi at Belgaum, Karnataka – full speech

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