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Friday, April 11, 2014

Rahul Gandhi at Balod in Chhattisgarh: Modi will do anything to become Prime Minister

Balod: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed a mammoth election rally at Kharhibhardar ground in Kanker at Balod in Chhattisgarh on Wednesday. While speaking on the occasion, BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi could do anything to grab the power. "Modi wants to become Prime Minister and he will do anything for it. He will divide the people, will make you fight against each other. His party (BJP) considers that a single person (Modi) possesses all the knowledge. It thinks that he can run the entire country. BJP urges people to make that person the chowkeedar (watchman) of our country. But Congress wants every citizen to be India's watchman. We want the people to handle the key of our nation. You must be able to go anywhere and live with respect there. Remember, some watchmen loot the people too", said Rahul Gandhi.

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