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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Rahul Gandhi in Kasargode, Kerala: BJP tries to increase the anger in the society

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, while launching the campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls campaign in Kerala, addressed a huge election rally at northern district of Kasargode. While speaking on the occasion he argued that only the Congress party is bringing a balance between prosperity and fairness. "For any society to move forward, you need two things to happen. You need prosperity and fairness. Prosperity for a few people breaks down very quickly and fairness for everybody without prosperity also breaks down" said the Congress leader and added, "If you look back to history, you will see that the most popular emperors or rulers were those who could create a balance between prosperity and fairness". "It is only the Congress party that brings a balance between prosperity and fairness; we bring together industry and the people. We want that industries must come to Kasargode but the people of Kasargode must also get its benefits," asserted Rahul Gandhi.

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