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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rahul Gandhi in Uttarakhand slams Modi model and BJP’s politics of anger

Rahul Gandhi at Kashipur: Modi runs government only for Adani
Kashipur: “Modi govt works for only Adani” said Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi while speaking at a big election rally at Kashipur in Uttarakhand on Tuesday.
“What is happening under Gujarat model? About 45000 acres of land were given for at mere Rs 300 crore to a single industrialist – Adani- by Modi govt. We only get a toffee for Rs. 1, but Modi handed over lands at Rs. 1 per mtr to just one businessman. Adani, later, sold these lands at Rs. 800 per meter and earned huge profit. When Modi took over as CM, the turnover of Adani was just Rs 3000 cr but today it is Rs. 40000 crore. You get benefit only if your name is Adani, in Gujarat”.
“Modi govt gave contract worth Rs. 26000 cr to Adani. One in two children is malnourished in Gujarat. Anyone who earns more than Rs. 11 is rich there. 40 lac people do not get drinking water. They ignore dalits, SC/ ST. Modi govt works for only Adani” he added.
“Recently I heard someone was telling that ‘BJP leaders do not call Advani as Advani ji but refer Adani as Adani Ji’. After Modi came to the leadership, BJP sidelined Advani ji and Jaswant ji. One man decides everything there. Now Modi wants people to make him a watchman of this country. We saw what this chowkeedar did in Gujarat; gave away 45000 acres of land to one businessman and now Adani sponsoring the entire BJP and Modi campaign. We send huge funds under MNREGA etc and Modi hands over these to Adani” lamented the Congress leader.
“We need to empower people. We want to give them rights. We want to work with love. We can develop only if we realise the strength of our people” he asserted.
In a dig at RSS, the Congress Vice President said, “Golwalker had said we made a mistake by allowing women to vote. But Congress believes that our biggest achievement was to grant women the voting rights. Women are the pillars of development. They run their homes as well as the nation. But they do not get the respect they deserve. They need no power; what they need is our respects. The women live in fear and are scared to travel during night. We must address these issues”.
“We will open 2000 dedicated women police stations for the women and 35% of the police force will be women. We will pass bill to give 33% reservation for women. We will ensure women representation in Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha and in the Congress party. Country can never develop without women. We can never become a super power without empowering our women” said Rahul Gandhi striking a chord with the women.
“We will not send police after the women and will not tap your phones like we witnessed in Gujarat. We will respect you” he said further in another jibe at snoop gate row in Gujarat.
Text of the speech by Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi at Kashipur, Udhamsingh Nagar, Uttarakhand

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