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Friday, October 25, 2013

Rahul Gandhi launches Congress campaign in Sagar (Madhya Pradesh); slams BJP

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed a mammoth rally at Rahatgarh in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh.  He slammed BJP for ignoring the poor and assured that a Congress government will be formed in the state post elections. “Such a government will be of aam aadmi, the youth and of the women here” promised the Congress Vice President.

Before I start my speech, I just want to repeat what Digvijaya Singh Ji had said. The entire Congress unit in Madhya Pradesh is united and we will face the elections with unity and we will win. We will stay together and will fight together and will win the elections and will form the next government.
Bundelkhand is a historic place but it is a victim of the misdeeds by the people behind ‘India Shining’. They never listened to their demands or requests. BJP’s politics is based on the policies for a selected group of people. Their policies are pro-industrialists.

You must be remembering that Bundelkhand was severely affected by drought in 2008. I had visited this place. I visited drought-hit areas of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. I stayed overnight at the houses of the villagers here, shared their meals, faced mosquito-bites, had the water from their wells and also had fallen sick. But I felt happy; I go to the people to know their problems. Our leaders must have the knowledge what exactly is happening in the villages. They must know what kind of life the villages are leading. 

When the poor farmers are shedding their blood and sweat for the development, the people behind ‘India Shining’ just gather knowledge from TV only. When they watch the world through the Television, they see only the ‘shining’; they see only the people wearing expensive suits.  They do not know the reality in the villages. Though we sent huge funds for building wells for Bundelkhand, nothing happened. We want that everyone must avail the benefits of the infrastructure. We want the children of the poor people must be able to travel by the aeroplane. We are following a politics of aam aadmi.

Everyone wants development. We also want the roads and all other infrastructure in our country. We made three times more road than what were constructed during NDA's period. BJP did not construct as many airports as we did. We will make all those things, but the question is different. Who will feed the people who walk on these roads and work in these farms? Will they get food through roads and airports? It is the Congress party only, which is bothered about aam aadmi. We want development but at the same time we want empowerment and upliftment of the poor too.

Congress has initiated a politics of granting rights to the people. We gave you the right to job; crores of people availed its benefits. Now we have implemented Right to food. For thousands of years, lots of people are forced to live in hunger. Now we guarantee them 35 kg food grains at Rs. 1 per kg. Indira Gandhi talked about 'roti, kapda aur makaan'. You used to say then we will eat half the bread and bring Congress to power. Now we have changed the slogan. We will have full bread and bring Congress to power. Whatever be the consequences, we are not going to desert the poor, the weaker sections and the women.

 Congress will continue to fight for the rights of the poor and downtrodden. That is why we have implemented Food Security Bill.

But, when we initiated the process of bringing this food bill, BJP had tried all their means to block it. They ask from where we will have money to implement this. When we try to introduce a scheme for the poor, BJP raises questions. But when we initiate any pro-rich measures, they keep mum. When they wasted the money sent by the Centre for Bundelkhand, they did not have any queries.
We had to fight for long to make the Land Acquisition Bill a reality. If the land of the poor is sold, he should get the market rate. If the rich get market rate, then farmers and labourers should also get market rate and the people working on that farmer's land should also be compensated. They are now ensure with 4 times the market rate if their lands are acquired.

Could you see any shining when the BJKP was shouting ‘India Shining? Was Bundelkhand shining? Did you avail any benefits? Could you secure proper jobs? What kind of politics BJP is trying to do? Farmers, youth, women and aam aadmi – no one benefitted under BJP rule. The people of Bundelkhand were not happy but BJP ministers were very happy. 

We will have elections here on November, 25th. Congress is fighting this election as a single unit. They have promised me to fight with unity. Congress will form a government here and that government will be a government of aam aadmi, women and the youth. It will have the voice of Bundelkhand.

We had helped Bundelkhand in crisis earlier and we will continue our support in future also.

Thank you.

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